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Orani sits at an altitude of 526 meters, at the foot of majestic Mount Gonare, in the heart of the Barbagia region. Among the notable archaeological sites in the area are approximately 30 nuraghi and several “tombs of the giants”. The Sanctuary of Our Lady of Gonare at the crest of the mountain is of particular interest, as is the natural landscape on the road leading up to it. Sites of cultural interest in Orani itself include the council hall of the Municipal Palace, with works by Mario Delitala (1887 – 1990): and the church of Sa Itria with a facade executed by Costantino Nivola in 1958.


Orani excels in handicrafts. It is famous for its stonework, carpentry, metalwork, and for tailors specializing in the use of traditional Sardinian velvet. For more information and details on what to do in Orani see:

Photo by Cristiano Cani

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