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Springs is a program that allows artists, critics, curators, architects, and scholars to reside in Orani in order to realize a project. The stay culminates in an encounter with a local audience, through exhibitions, site-specific works, lectures, etc. The program takes its name from the area on Long Island, New York where Costantino Nivola made his home since 1948, transforming an old farm house into a place for living, creating, and collaborating. The artist explained that to live in a place means to fully understand its essence and to celebrate its harmony with the genius loci. It also means to activate creative energies by situating the new with the old, leading to both surprising and respectful outcomes, all the while drawing on theories of sustainability and social harmony.

The word “spring” carries other important connotations: the season when nature and humans reawaken after Winter; the water source, symbol of life and continual renewal (by coincidence, in the courtyard of the Museum is a spigot connected to the Su Cantaru spring, still in use by the citizens of Orani); finally, the spring, or metal coil that holds energy, ready for release.



    curated by Mark Gisbourne

    With the show of the sculptor, Philip Topolovac, the Museo Nivola inaugurates the first edition of Springs. Springs, curated for 2015 by Mark Gisbourne, is a residence program for artists, critics/curators, architects and scholars, based in Orani and promoted by the Nivola Foundation.

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