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Institutional Partners

  • Regione Autonoma della Sardegna

    The Autonomous Region of Sardinia is among the founding partners of the Nivola Foundation since the 1990s, along with the Commune of Orani and the family of the artist. It supports the museum in promoting the awareness of the work of Costantino Nivola.

  • Comune di Orani

    The Commune of Orani is among the founding partners of the Nivola Foundation. It actively collaborates with the museum by putting at its disposal services and structures that facilitate the museum’s projects.


  • Fondazione di Sardegna

    Pursuing goals in the public interest, Fondazione Banco di Sardegna promotes socio-economic development in Sardinia. It makes possible the launch of the Nivola Museum’s artist in residence “Springs” program.

Technology partner

  • Tiscali

    Founded in January of 1998, Tiscali is one of the principal telecommunication operators in Europe. As its principal technology partner, Tiscali supports the museum through a series of services related to the digital world, news media, and communication.

Creative sponsors

  • Paolo Bazzani Studio

    Paolo Bazzani designed the logo of the Nivola Museum. Since July 2016 he supports the Museum Nivola also by collaborating to the definition of the visual image of exhibitions, catalogues and merchandise.



  • Antonio Marras

    A leading fashion designer on an international level, Antonio Marras has created an exclusive line of merchandise dedicated to Nivola that is available at the museum shop.

Technical Sponsors

  • Ati Ifras

    A company specialized in construction, engineering, and regional planning, Ifras supports the Nivola Museum by maintaining its structures and green spaces.

  • iGuzzini Lighting

    Since 1959, iGuzzini illuminazione has produced led illumination systems for internal and external use and today is a leader in Italy in this technology. It supports the Nivola Museum by providing it with a modern and sophisticated lighting system.

  • Sardigna Print

    Sardigna Print is a modern and innovative company specializing in digital printing. It supports the Nivola Museum in visual communication through the realization and installation of educational and photographic panels.

  • Reale Mutua Assicurazioni

    Reale Mutua, founded in Turin in 1828, is Italy’s biggest mutual insurer and the parent company of the Reale Mutua Group. Sustainability is a fundamental value for Reale Mutua, which has always adopted ethical and transparent management policies, supported cultural activities and worked to protect the environment, foster social protection of people and the community.

About the Museum

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