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Back up | Museo Nivola provides support to citizens and artists

In the outbreak of the coronavirus, Museo Nivola pursues strategies to back its communities and provide spiritual and material support to citizens and artists. 

Museo Nivola closed its gates to the public on the 8th of March, following the Italian government’s measures to contain the spreading of the Covid-19. On the 10th, our staff switched to remote working to further protect their families and neighbors. 

The work-in-situ of Daniel Buren, planned for the end of the month, has been postponed to 2021, thanks to the artist’s kindness.

For the time being, while we go on working for the summer program, our main concern is finding ways to connect with and help our communities.

We started our activities by partnering with the town council and the local associations for a collective action targeting the children in Orani. We organized and delivered kite-kits and easy instructions to each child. On the 12th, at 4 p.m., the sky was filled by the kites made and personalized by the village’s kids. Many other communities of Sardinia joined us in this symbolic gesture of hope. The museum is leading a broad network to offer support to teachers and parents in engaging kids and grown-ups in creative activities. We are also using our social channels to invite people to shared responsibility.

Museo Nivola is a non-collecting institution by statute. However, we believe that artists, a fundamental part of our communities, need our support right now. Mostly self-employed, the artists are facing hardships and uncertainty. Especially in the peripheral context of Sardinia, the current situation threatens to wipe out an entire generation of artists and cultural workers. 

For this reason, Museo Nivola is starting a backing plan to support the young local artists, launching a selection process to acquire their works. The artworks will be exhibited in the museum at the end of the emergency and auctioned to raise funds for charitable organizations involved in the recovery process. 

Being a small institution and facing the risk of cuts in funding and lost revenues, the effect of our effort is necessarily limited. We urge other institutions to initiate similar actions and to join us in rescuing the creative members of our communities.


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