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Cristian Chironi. I’m Back

Edited by Silvia Fanti

115 pp. Italian & English

Postmedia, Milano, 2018

formato 165x120mm

isbn 9788874902088

euro 12,60

A buiding by Le Corbusier in Orani, a small town in Barbagia, a mountainous region in the heart of Sardinia? The idea of such an addition to the map of the master of modernism’s work seems bizarre to say the least. And yet it is founded on an element of truth: at the end of the 1960s, the sculptor Costantino Nivola, friend and disciple of Le Corbusier, offered a design by the architect to one of his brothers, who was preparing to build a house for himself in the town. In building the house, the plan, which was quite foreign to what the brother and his family wanted for their home, was completely distorted, but the episode was destined to resurface in the work of another artist, Cristian Chironi. An Orani native like Nivola, Chironi made it into the departure point for a project that reflects on the themes of travel and return and the intersection and cross-influence of different locations, experiences and cultures

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